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Knowing when and how to include academic references is a crucial skill. Effective referencing gives your work credibility; lack of references or poor referencing technique can risk plagiarism, leading to poor marks and even failing assignments. There are a number of different referencing systems in use at UEA, so it is important to understand which you are expected to use and how it works.


Study Resources for Referencing and Plagiarism Study Resources for Referencing and Plagiarism

Here are a number of resources that can help you understand and follow the important academic conventions, including referencing and avoiding plagiarism.

  • Cite them right online - This site will help you to reference just about any source, and understand how to avoid plagiarism.
  • Read more about why plagiarism occurs and the skills you'll need to develop to avoid it in our Plagiarism Awareness Overview.
  • Our study guides in the right hand menu can help you develop the skills needed to avoid plagiarism.
  • Find answers to common questions about plagiarism and referencing in our FAQs.
  • Find definitions of commonly used terminology related to plagiarism and referencing in our Glossary

For more in-depth discussion of issues relating to plagiarism and referencing students can speak to one of our tutors. We also run a programme of Academic Skills Workshops that is open to all students registered on UEA courses. 

Referencing Referencing

5 QUESTIONS for referencing your work.

  1. Do I need a reference?
  2. Would it be better to paraphrase this information or quote it directly?
  3. What information about my source do I need to include?
  4. Have I checked my School's referencing guidelines?
  5. Have I followed the guidelines consistently in my work?

Other sources of information Other sources of information

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