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Recruitment for PAL : Volunteers 2018/19

PAL Officers and PAL Mentors work in participating schools, delivering mentoring to first year undergraduate students at the UEA. PAL Officers are usually PGT or PGR students and PAL Mentors are usually 2nd, 3rd (and sometimes 4th or 5th year) undergraduate students.

PAL Officers and PAL Mentors receive:
  • full training
  • the opportunity to positively their enhance career prospects with worthwhile work experience
  • support from the PAL Team

PAL Project Developers Vacancies 2018/ 19

The PAL team is seeking dynamic and creative students to become actively involved in helping to shape the future of the project and drive it forward.  While PAL Mentors deliver the mentoring, PAL Project Developers will use their skills to help expand and develop the project throughout the university. The development roles already identified include events, recruitment, social media, resources, promotion, liaison, monitoring and evaluation, however you can also suggest another role to suit your own talents.

Please read Volunteering as a Project Developer 2018/19 for further information. To apply, fill in a Project Developer Volunteer Application form.

PAL Officer Volunteer Vacancies 2018/19

Please email for further information.

PAL Mentor Volunteer Vacancies 2018/19

Please read Volunteering as a PAL Mentor 2018/19 for further information. To apply fill in a PAL Mentor Volunteer Application Form.

Participating Schools


PAL module supported

School of Chemistry

Light Atoms and Molecules (CHE-4202Y)

School of Computing Sciences

Programming 1 (CMP-4008Y)

School of International Development

Semester 1: Introduction to Development Studies (DEV-4001A)

Semester 2:Optional Modules

Health Sciences, Adult Nursing (Autumn Semester)

The Foundations of Nursing (HSCA4001A)

Health Sciences, Adult Nursing (Spring semester)

The Foundations of Nursing (HSCA4002B)

Health Sciences, Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy  Speech & Language Therapy

OT/PT: Human Sciences (HSC-4024Y)                                                                                                                       SLT: Foundations (HSC-4023A)

Health Sciences, Paramedic Science

Foundations of Paramedic Practice (HSCP4041Y)

Norwich Medical School

Module 1: The Human Life Cycle (MEDA4002A) Module 2: Locomotion (MEDA4001B)

Foundation module: Introduction to Issues in Healthcare (MED-3002Y)

School of Economics

Mathematics for Economists (ECO-4003A)