Welcome to Peer Assisted Learning (PAL) Welcome to Peer Assisted Learning (PAL)

What is PAL?

A free, student-led initiative that supports undergraduate students in their first year at university. 

The video below gives a short overview. 

Why does PAL happen?

To enhance academic performance, employability, and overall experience at UEA.

Read the PAL evaluations reports below:

PAL Phase 1 Report

PAL Phase 2 Report

PAL Phase 3 Report

Who is PAL for?

All first year undergraduates in UEA schools that take part in the scheme.

How does PAL work?

The key to PAL is that it is run by students for students. PAL Officers (postgraduate students) supervise PAL Mentors (third and second-year undergraduates) who support first-year undergraduates. PAL Mentors meet with first years in small groups to offer course specific academic guidance and more general pastoral support. PAL Mentors provide a structured and confidential, but also relaxed, creative and fun environment for students to share knowledge, concerns, and ask questions. 

Hear from PAL Officers & Mentors in the videos below.

PAL - Student Vox Pops

When does PAL happen and where can I get more information?

PAL sessions start in the first week or two of term. Look out for more information or contact the PAL Team - Pablo, Vicky or Julie at PAL@uea.ac.uk

PAL - Staff Video