Support for international students Support for international students

Most students need help or advice sometimes as they learn how to meet the academic expectations of their subject. Students for whom English is a second language have the additional challenge of living in an unfamiliar country, studying in a second language and in a different academic culture. Chris Bishop, Zoë Jones and Nonia Williams-Korteling are tutors whose role is to help international students understand those differences and understand what is expected from students in a UK university, particularly in relation to academic studies and writing. Chris, Zoë and Nonia are located in the Student Support Centre.

Book an individual tutorial with Chris, Zoë or Nonia by attending a drop-in.

A tutorial can help you to:

  • identify areas of English language you need to improve
  • understand what you need to do for specific assignments
  • understand what your School expects from you
  • understand and use the feedback you have been given for your assignment
  • understand the "rules" of English academic writing and your particular academic discipline
  • find resources which will help you with your studies

Please note that although tutors can discuss particular assignments with you, they cannot systematically correct your grammar and spelling for you.

You can find advice about writing and studying in our study guides. There is also a glossary of UEA terms you may not be familiar with.

Try the activities at to help you learn more about academic life in the UK and the skills needed for effective study.

Native English Speaking International Students

Students who are from other English speaking countries, such as the US and Australia, may find the following document useful.

Academic Differences for Native English Speaking International Students pdf [285KB]