English Language Classes for students English Language Classes for students

The English Language Support Programme aims to help UEA international students develop the English language skills necessary for successful academic study. The classes, which are free, are open to all students for whom English is not their first language.

ELSP Classes will resume in the autumn semester 2020. More information will be available here in September. 

Please note: Classes are open to registered UEA students only. They are not open to dependants of UEA students nor students from INTO UEA.

Classes include:

See below for more details of the classes you are interested in.

Reading academic texts

These classes aim to to help you develop faster and more critical reading skills. You will look at the organisational structure and the language features of texts from a variety of academic disciplines. These materials are closely linked to those used in the Academic Writing classes. There are separate classes for undergraduates and postgraduates.

Academic writing

These classes provide guidance and practice in the writing skills which you need in order to express yourself clearly in written academic work. These classes are an opportunity to practise using some of the text and language features discussed in the Reading classes. There are separate classes for undergraduates and postgraduates.

Speaking in academic situations

These classes aim to help you to develop the skills and language you need to communicate and interact effectively in seminars, presentations and other academic contexts.


These classes provide technical knowledge and practice in the sound system of spoken English, using a variety of techniques including contrast between English and other languages, the relationship between sound and spelling, and activities to practice understanding and spoken fluency.


These classes focus on developing the listening and note-taking skills you need in order to engage more effectively with lectures, seminars and other academic contexts.

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