Learning enhancement tutor for Mathematics and statistics Learning enhancement tutor for Mathematics and statistics

Luciana is a Learning Enhancement Tutor for Mathematics and Statistics alongside Gordon Collins and Athina Thoma. Her specialization is in Calculus and Algebra.  Luciana has always been interested in Mathematics, its application in Physics and Science in general and ways of making Mathematics accessible to all.  Luciana has enjoyed teaching Mathematics in different settings such as private tuition to GCSE students, A-level international students and in higher education.

Luciana has a Licentiate degree in Physics from the University of Buenos Aires and a PhD in Theoretical Chemistry from UEA.  Luciana has also researched over 10 year on different studies involving the interaction of Light and Matter using different models based in Quantum Theory.  

She works with the Learning Enhancement Team on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays.