Student Support Rep Feedback

We are keen to get your feedback so we can improve both the Student Support Rep role and for how Reps positively impact students and their experiences. Please give us your feedback, both the positive and the negative. Your feedback will be anonymous unless you want us get back to you regarding your feedback. We would like to know how you think about the students' experiences from helping as Reps. Any anything feedback about your roles so far.

If you have helped with the International Arrivals Process we would like your feedback on how it worked for you as a Rep and how you think the new students' experience was. What was good and what could be improved?

If you helped with any of the Orientation programme activities and events please give us your feedback on both your role on the day(s) & how it was for the new students. What can be improved? What worked well? etc.

If you work at the Welcome Reception at the Castle, please give us your feedback of how it went. Also in particular why more new students did not attend the event, although they had collected a ticket to attend? Any thoughts would be helpful as to what you would make of it as a new student.