Your Role as a Language Support Buddy Volunteer Your Role as a Language Support Buddy Volunteer

We are currently recruiting for Language Buddy Volunteers to be part of a very popular Language Support Buddy programme. In this programme you will be matched with an international student and need to meet one-on-one for 6 weeks to help practise their general English language skills. You can tailor your sessions to the interests of you and your buddy and work on the areas they need help in.

Feedback from a Language Buddy Volunteer.

"It's been fantastic to mentor "Y" and "Z" this semester. I've found it really rewarding to watch their confidence in English improve, as well as their accuracy. The introduction to the Conversation Club last night was particularly enjoyable and useful for them as they could practise English in a comfortable and informal setting. I look forward to future buddies."  D. (November 2016)

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From the start of the academic year, you will be matched with up to 2 students to meet individually one-to-one for a 6 week programme.

The Student Support Service manages the programme, but the 6 week programme is delivered by you. You will need to meet for at least 1 hour a week, but this can be two 30 minute meetings if it work better for you and your buddy. Your first meeting with your buddy will be to find out what areas they would like to work on and what their interests are to help the conversation along.


You are expected to:

Meet weekly for 6 weeks

Provide friendly informal support to help develop their English Language

Encourage your buddies to attend the Conversation Club after (or during) the 6 weeks of your programme. You can always take them after the 6 weeks to introduce them to the club

Give us feedback at the end of your 6 week programme

Contact us if you have any concerns or your buddy wishes to stop


You are NOT expected to:

Proofread any work

Take notes or write up notes

Translate text

Provide academic support

Deal with difficult situations


In the 5th week of the cycle we will remind both of you that the next week is your final one-to-one meeting and will encourage your buddy to attend the Conversation Club after your last meeting. We will also contact you again to check that you are happy to take on another language buddy and then will send you their name and details.

There are resources available online to help support and give you ideas for your sessions.

You will be emailed during week 1 or 2, or after you have become a volunteer, with the name(s) and contact details of your buddy. You will then need to arrange your first meeting as soon as possible.

Apply online to become a Language Support Buddy Volunteer. After we receive your application we will contact you to arrange a time and date to attend a briefing session to meet you and to give you more information about the role. Anyone applying over summer will need to meet in the second week of the new academic year.

If you have any questions or would like to discuss this opportunity further before applying, please email

English Language Requirement

To be a Language Support Buddy you must be fluent in English. If you are a non-native English speaker, you will need to be able to show how you meet this requirement.

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