How Global Voices Works for Schools and Community Groups How Global Voices Works for Schools and Community Groups

By participating in the Global Voices project teachers can bring to life specific parts of the National Curriculum, in particular Citizenship Education and bring to life the diverse national, regional, religious and ethnic identities found in the UK today. Global Voices can enable pupils to engage in a more dynamic way, benefiting from the personal experience of the large international and British student population that live and study here at UEA.

This programme is delivered to schools and other groups completely free of charge with our group of Global Voices being made up entirely of volunteers who would love to share their experiences and ideas with you.

Schools are asked to provide an outline of the type of session or specific topic that they would like to cover in order that we can match you with our most suitable Global Voices. For example, if available we will attempt to place geographically appropriate Global Voice with you to link in with a project on the history of China.

Request a Global Voice Volunteer

If you are interested in having a Global Voice visit your school or community group, you can either complete a short online form to register your interest and we will contact you with more information, or contact us directly to discuss your request.

Planning the Day

After you have been allocated a UEA Global Voice, it is essential that the teacher in charge speaks to the Global Voice either in person or over the phone before the lesson to discuss further details which will help them to plan and prepare their session. This may include class age, number of pupils, if there are any pupils with particular needs e.g. a disability that may affect a their ability to participate in activities run by the Global Voice, and what the session aims to achieve.

On the day

As our Global Voice volunteers are not trained teachers and may not have had a Disclosure and Barring Service check we ask that they are supported and supervised by the teacher at all times. By working collaboratively it will help the teacher, Global Voice and pupils to get the most out of the session.

After the day

To help us continue to develop the Global Voices project and learn about our volunteers we would welcome your feedback by completing a supplied evaluation form or by emailing us direct at

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