Protecting Your Visa Protecting Your Visa

Your Tier 4 visa is an essential part of being allowed to stay and study in the UK if you are required to have a visa. To help ensure you do not have any problems with your visa please read our Information Guide on Protecting Your Tier 4 Visa.

Protecting Your Tier 4 Visa Information Guide 

Contact Points for Tier 4 Visas Contact Points for Tier 4 Visas

Definition of expected contact points for international students with Tier 4 visas.

For students with Tier 4 visas who are registered on a course which requires them to attend sessions on campus, they must enrol and engage with their studies by meeting the following expected contact points.

For further information, please refer to the procedures relating to attendance, engagement and progress (General Regulation 13) for students on Taught Programmes.

  1. Registration – where new students are marked as seen;
  2. Meetings with their academic adviser – minimum of three times per year;
  3. All Tier 4 Visa checks undertaken by the Visa Compliance team;
  4. Submission of (summative) coursework;
  5. Attendance at an exam or a course test;
  6. Being marked as “present” on a register for a timetabled teaching event by a member of staff.

The following do NOT count:

self-reporting by students that they will be absent from timetabled teaching; swipe card attendance monitoring data.