Documents Documents

  1. Passport(s)
  2. CAS Statement (Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies)
  3. Evidence of Funds
    1. Bank statements
    2. Financial Sponsor Letter (if required)
    3. Official receipts for payments made to UEA (if required)
  4. Degree certificate and/or transcripts (as listed on your CAS)
  5. Biometric Residence Permit (if you have one)
  6. ATAS certificate (if required)
  7. 2 Passport sized photographs
  8. Police Registration Certificate (if required)
  9. Tuberculosis (TB) Test Rresults (if applying from abroad and if required)
  10. Application Document Sheet or other confirmation page (printed after completing online form)

Required Documents Required Documents

For your Tier 4 visa application to be successful, the UK Visas and Immigration (UKVI) department requires the correct supporting documents to be submitted with your application.

The list of documents above is only a guide of the most common supporting documents needed. The actual documents needed will depend on your individual application. You also will need to ensure your documents meet all the requirements. For the official requirements, read the Tier 4 Policy Guidance.  

Tier 4 Pilot Scheme and Differentiation Arrangements

If you meet the requirements to apply within either the Tier 4 Pilot Scheme or the Differentiation Arrangements, you DO NOT need to submit your financial evidence or previous qualifications. However, you must have these documents available, as you may be requested to submit them by UKVI.

All other students must include these with their application.

For more information on the Tier 4 Pilot Scheme and Differentiation Arrangements section.


Your documents need to be originals and in English or translated into English by a professional translator. Your documents will be returned to you.

Supporting Documents Explained Supporting Documents Explained

Valid Passport

You should check that your passport is not about to expire when you apply. You will need to have a valid passport to enclose with your application. We recommend that you have at least 6 months remaining on your passport.  You need to send all your passports you have including expired ones.

Biometric Residence Permit - BRP

If you have a BRP as your current visa, you must submit this with your application.  The Home Office will keep your previous BRP, so it is recommended that you keep a copy for your records in case you need to details in the future.

CAS - Confirmation of Acceptance for Studies

  • You must have a CAS statement to apply
  • You can only get a CAS 3 months before the start of your course or your visa end date
  • You must check and confirm your CAS is correct before you will be given your CAS number
  • You can only use a CAS once

Previous Education Qualifications

If your CAS lists any of your previous educational qualifications you must include the original degree certificates or transcripts with your application. This could also include an English language test result. You only need to include the ones listed on your CAS. If nothing is listed then you do not need to include anything.

Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)

The scheme only applies to students studying postgraduate programmes and whose courses are listed in the ATAS section of the GOV.UK website. If required, the ATAS certificate must be submitted with your visa application. It can take at least 4 weeks to receive your certificate. You will need to have an ATAS certificate before you will be able to get a CAS. Contact your HUB or the Admissions Office to see if you are required to have an ATAS certificate, and to receive your Code, which is needed to apply.

Academic Technology Approval Scheme (ATAS)


  • 2 identical passport sized photographs
  • Taken within the last month
  • No smiling, open mouths, hats, or anything in front of your face
  • With a white or light colour background
  • Write your name on the back in English
  • Put inside a small envelope
  • The photograph size must be 45mm high and 35mm wide
  • Your head must measure smaller than 34mm but larger than 29mm
  • Meet the requirements in the Photograph Guidance from the Home Office

For the full photograph requirements see the Home Office Photograph Guidance.

Police Registration Certificate

You will need to show evidence of a Police Registration Certificate (if required). This needs to be up-to-date. For more information about police registration and how to book an appointment, see our Police Registration Information Guide.

Evidence of Funds Evidence of Funds

Ways you can show your finances

You must be able to prove you have enough funds for the financial requirements. 

You can use:

  • Your CAS
  • Bank statement or letter
  • Official receipts from UEA as proof of payment for course fees and accommodation fees
  • Scholarships and sponsorship letters
  • Loans
  • Other funding

Bank Statements

  • You will need to show the total funds required have been in a bank account for 28 days before to applying
  • It is also very important that your funds do not drop below the required amount at any time during the 28 days.
  • The last transaction on your statement must not be more than one month before the date of your application.
  • Your bank statement or letter must have:
    • Your name
    • Account number
    • Date of the statement or letter
    • The bank's name and logo
    • Transactions and amount of money available
  • Alternatively, you can use your parents' bank account, but you must have:
    • their bank statement
    • a letter from them confirming the money is for your education and living costs
    • your original birth certificate with your parents' names on it.
  • You can use more than one bank account as long as it meets the requirements.
  • You can use a bank account that is from another country. You will need to convert the end balance into British Pounds Sterling and write this amount on the document. The Home Office uses the OANDA website to convert currencies into pounds.
  • You must have access to the money at any time (i.e. able to withdraw cash)
  • You will need to keep your original bank statements or you will need to make arrangements with your bank to receive a statement.
  • It is best to have original statements. But if there is a problem you can get the bank to produce a print out but it must include all the above plus:
    • be on the bank's official letterhead paper, or
    • have the bank's official stamp on every page
  • See the Tier 4 Policy Guidance for all details and requirements. 

Financial Sponsorship 

If you have financial sponsorship from your government, the British Council, an international organisation, a company or a university you must provide an original letter from them confirming the amount or what they are all covering (for example just tuition, or tuition and £500 a month, or £1,000 towards tuition). 

If they are covering all fees and living costs this is all you need to show to meet the financial requirements.  If your sponsors are not covering all your tuition fees and living costs, you will need to show that you can have the remaining amount. 

There are specific requirements a letter from a financial sponsor must follow. These can be found in the Tier 4 Policy Guidance from the Home Office. If your financial sponsorship letter does not comply, it will be ignored and you will not meet the maintenance requirements.

Financial Sponsor Letter

If you are currently or have previously been financially sponsored by your home government, university, business, or other official financial sponsor, then you must include your sponsorship letter confirming how much and for how long your sponsorship is for. This does not include UEA scholarships if the information is on your CAS.

Scholarships and Funding from UEA

If you receive financial sponsorship from UEA (or what is known as your Tier 4 Sponsor), which could be in the form of a scholarship or full tuition funding or others, this information will be included in your CAS. The amount of your scholarship normally is already subtracted from your total course fees on your CAS. If it is not included on your CAS, you will need to submit a letter from UEA confirming your funding.


You can use a student loan as proof or funds. If you have not received the loan payment, you can show proof that the loan has been approved. A loan must be from a national government, state or regional government or a government sponsored student loan company or is part of an academic or educational loans scheme. The loan must be in your name only, and must not be dated more than six months before the date you submit your visa application. 

Additional payments made to UEA

It is recommended that if you make a further payment to UEA after you get your CAS, that you contact Admissions to request an updated CAS with the addition money you paid. Your CAS will be proof of any money paid to UEA for tuition or accommodation fees.