How-To Videos How-To Videos

You can use the How-To videos below as a guide to help you fill in your Tier 4 visa application when applying from the UK. Each link will take you to the video in the University's eStream [] and open in a new window. You will need to log in eStream with your UEA/INTO username and password.

This is to be used as a guide only. You must complete your application with your details. 

Intro into your application form  1:57 

1 Setting Up the Form 2:38 

2 Personal Details 1:21 

3 Contact Details 1:46 

4 Passport Information 1:27

5 Visa Details 2:27

6 English Requirement 0:52

7 Personal History 1:48

8 University Information 1:47

9 Finances 1:41

10 Course Details 1:47

11 Fees and CAS 1:50

12 Checking and Booking Appointment 1:45


Visa Application Workshops

If you need further help completing the form there are 3 Tier 4 Visa Application workshops that you can attend. At these Advisers will go through the form and you can follow along.

20 September at 2.00pm in Julian Study Centre 3.02

26 September at 3.00pm in Julian Study Centre 3.02

3 October at 3.00pm in Julian Study Centre 3.02