Are You Ready for Success Are You Ready for Success

Student Success is a new programme to help you achieve your full potential while at UEA and to become more successful in your studies and in your career after graduating. The programme is personalised, action orientated and led by you to focus on the development you want. 


The Student Success Programme provides: 

  1. Personal development that is identified by you and supported by your International Student Adviser

  2. Enabling you to make the most of your experience at university

  3. Connections and referrals to other services on and off campus


The Student Success Programme is all about you and your success.

Personalised series of appointments

An Adviser will start by exploring your individual needs, wants and goals. From there you and your Adviser will set goals, create an action plan, and track your personal development through a series of appointments over a period of time agreed by both of you. The personalise programme typically has a maximum of 5 appointments spread over any length of time. You might prefer to have one appointment a week or you may want to spread it out over the semester. It all depends on your aims and goals, and what you want to get out from the programme. Follow up appointments will help you to stay on track and continue to motivate yourself towards your achievements. 

How Student Success Can Help You How Student Success Can Help You

Who Uses Student Success

ALL international students can benefit from the programme

Students who want to improve 

Successful students who want to do even better 

Students who want to set and acheive their goals

Students who are finding it difficult to adjust to life at university in the UK

Students who need to be more organised, motivated and positive

How Student Success Can Help

Help with the transition to living and studying in the UK

Set and achieve goals that matter to you

Personal development to be successful in life and in your career after university

Learn new life skills and techniques

Help to be more organised 

Motivate, focus, and help overcome barriers

Fulfil your academic and personal potential