information about egates information about egates

Important information for students arriving in the UK over the summer/autumn

Students should not attempt to enter the UK via Ireland (Eire) or the Common Travel Area.


Most major UK airports and the Eurostar terminals have installed eGates to help speed up entry in to the UK.

The eGates use facial recognition technology to check identity against the photo in a traveller’s passport. It is not compulsory to use an eGate, but it can be a much faster process. Students receive no mark or stamp in their passports when entering via the eGate.

eGates are not suitable for all students to use.

  • You must hold a biometric passport to use an eGate.
  • You must be over 12 years of age to use an eGate, so families should speak to a border officer.

Border Force are encouraging the use of eGates and arrivals at the UK border and you may be directed towards them.

Only certain nationalities may use the eGates:

Nationals of Australia, Canada, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, USA, UK, EU and EEA countries can use eGates to enter the UK.

Students who are nationals of the above listed countries and who already have a biometric residence permit should use the eGates to enter the UK.

However, if you have a new Tier 4 visa vignette in your passport, then UEA ask you to see a border officer and get a date stamp in your passport to show the date that you entered the UK and activated your visa.

If you need to obtain a short-term study visa at the border, you must speak to a Border Officer to get a visa stamp in your passport and not use the eGates.

All other student should see a border officer as you enter the UK.

All students should retain their tickets and boarding passes and bring them to registration, in case they are required.