Develop cross-culture friendships with UEA students Develop cross-culture friendships with UEA students

UEA Friends Programme

UEA Friends if for students like you. It is a cross-cultural networking between returning students and new students to build new friendships that will make settling into life at UEA easier and have a successful start. Returning students (called Student Support Reps) will be able to give you advice, support and information about social opportunities based on their own experience when they first arrived at UEA. You will also get the little extra information you need that makes a big difference in settling into life at UEA, have fun, make friends and feel you are welcome here.

The UEA Friends gives:

  • An opportunity to be in contact with a returning student even before arriving at UEA
  • A warm welcome to new international students arriving at UEA
  • To make you feel at home
  • To make you feel part of the University
  • The chance to discover the different services and opportunities available at UEA
  • Opportunities to meet others and create friendship networks
  • Social opportunities 
  • Someone to talk to in your first weeks at UEA


Your Student Support Rep can help with:

  • Understanding the style of learning and teaching in the UK.
  • Understanding how the systems at UEA works – how to do what and where.
  • Finding your way around campus.
  • Getting to know about events and activities happening on campus.
  • Knowing what the Students' Union is and how they can help.

How to get involved

UEA Friends will be part of the International Orienation and Welcome Week and during the first couple weeks of the academic year. More details will be available over the summer.