Travelling abroad during your vacation? Travelling abroad during your vacation?

Step By Step Information Guides Step By Step Information Guides

Guides for if you have lost your visa and/or passport abroad

Lost/stolen BRP visa abroad

Lost/stolen entry clearance visa abroad

Guide on how to replace your BRP card once in the UK

Replacing your BRP in the UK

Quick Reference Guide Quick Reference Guide

What To Do If You Lose Your BRP Card Abroad

  1. Report it to the local police
  2. Report it to the UK Government
  3. Get a new passport (if needed) find your nearest Embassy 
  4. Apply for a replacement visa online
    • this will allow you to return to the UK and then replace your BRP card
    • when selecting the application form select Reason for Visit - 'Other', Visa Type - 'Others', Visa Sub-Type 'Replacement Biometric Residence Permit
    • You will need to request a Confirmation of Studies Letter from your Hub to submit with your application 
  5. Book an appointment with the local visa centre
  6. Complete an Extenuating Circumstance form for UEA in your e:Vision as you may not be able to return to the UK as expected.
  7. Once you get your visa, arrange travel and return to the UK.

All information, support documents needed and guidance is included the in the above guides to help you get a visa to return to the UK.

Keeping your Visa Safe Keeping your Visa Safe

Keep your BRP and Passport Safe and Secure

It is very important to keep your BRP and passport safe when in Norwich and while travelling. Here are a few helpful hints to keeping them safe:

  • If you are staying in a hotel, keep your travel documents in the hotel safe in your room.
  • When you are travelling or are out exploring, please keep your bags and your passport and visa safe and secure.
  • If you are going home put them in a secure place until you need them to return to the UK.
  • When in the UK, do not take your BRP card or passport out with you. Keep it in a safe place.
  • If you are unlucky and lose your documents you can find out what to do by using the guides above.