Transportation On and Off Campus Transportation On and Off Campus

Crossing the Road

Look to your right first as cars drive on the left and will approach you from your right. Take care when crossing the road as many roads are busy. It is advisable to use pedestrian crossings whenever possible.

There are two main types of crossings

Zebra Crossing – flashing beacons. Pedestrians have the right away, but you must make sure that the traffic stops before you cross the road.

Pelican Crossings – signal controlled. You must wait until the traffic light changes and the pedestrian lights change to green to cross the road.


There are 2 types of Taxis in the UK.

Black Cab

These can be hailed or are at taxi ranks in the city (next to the Market, St. Stephens Street, Prince of Wales Road, Train Station).

Pre-Booked Taxis

Most people use pre-booked taxi, which must be booked in advance either by calling on the phone or using their smartphone app. They will either call you and hang up or text you when your taxi is outside ready to pick you up.

UEA|SU Safer Taxi Scheme

On a night out and have no money to get home? Do not worry with the UEA|SU Safer Taxi Scheme, you can get home safe and pay for the taxi later. 

Buses and Student Bus Pass

#25 and #26 are the best buses to get to and from campus to the city centre. The buses run frequently and take slightly different routes to the city. You can get dropped off or get on the bus in the city at St Stephens Street, Castle Meadow or the Train Station.

You can buy your ticket from the driver on the bus or using the smartphone app. When buying your ticket from the bus driver try to use correct change or as close to the ticket price as possible. Drivers cannot always provide change, especially is using a £20 note. First buses also now accept contactless payments by debit card/phone.

When you are waiting for a bus, you will need to stick your hand out to let the bus driver know you want them to stop so you can get on. Otherwise they might just drive past you. Press the button before your stop, to alert the driver. People will normally say thank you to the driver when getting off the bus.

It is recommend that if you are going to use the bus a lot, to get a bus pass. There are student rates for 10 or 12 month passes.

To buy your bus pass and for more info on the UEA Transportation page


Cycling is a great way to get around Norwich. You can find more information on cycling on campus on the UEA Transportation Bikes page.

It is important to cycle safely and roads are busy. Read our Road Safety Information Guide to help you be safe.