Language buddy programme Language buddy programme

The Language Support Buddy Programme is a peer-to-peer buddying programme to support international students who want to practise their English language in a friendly and informal one-to-one interaction for 6 weeks with an English speaking UEA student.

Practise and support can be focused around all areas of English language, but it is predominantly through conversational interactions. The aim of the programme is to increase confidence in speaking English, but not to teach English.

Feedback from a student who had a buddy to practise their English.

"Thanks for your support. Just wanted to recommend that (my buddy) was very helpful for me to improve my English conversation. She was very intelligent and available. Thank you so much."  D. (June 2017)

Language Buddies Language Buddies

Through the programme you will also have time for asking questions, learning more about the UK and British culture.

You and your Buddy will meet for at least one hour a week for 6 weeks. After the 6 week programme if you want to continue to practise your English, you can attend the Conversation Club if you have already not done so. 

How to get involved How to get involved

Requests for 2019/20 will open soon.
Once you have requested a Language Support Buddy, you will be matched with a current fluent English speaking UEA student. Both of you will be emailed with the name and contact details of each other and your Buddy will contact you to arrange your first session.

If you have any questions about the Language Support Buddy programme please email