Supporting your Students' Welfare Supporting your Students' Welfare

Staff in Student Services are well positioned to assist other staff members in supporting their students, both in terms of providing ad-hoc advice and guidance and also in a more structured way when necessary - for instance in providing evidence for academic concessions.

We are on hand to provide help with the following areas:

  • Advice on reasonable adjustments and extenuating circumstances
  • Fitness to study/practice issues
  • Academic concessions
  • 3-way meetings with students/staff
  • Support with applications for special arrangements for accommodation, car parking etc.

We also aim to help educate colleagues around the University by delivering bespoke workshops and talks throughout the year. Please let us know if you wish to have bespoke training for your department.

Student Services do not offer Mental Health First Aid training, but we do offer a training day (one whole day) on mental health and disability.

The training typically covers: an overview of wellbeing services available at UEA; specific training in supporting students with mental health issues, physical disabilities and specific learning difficulties including autistic spectrum disorder; and staff wellbeing. It is also useful if we could know whether there is anything specific that you would like covered so we can ensure that it is included.

The training is delivered by the Head of / Assistant Head of Student Services (Wellbeing) and/or the Wellbeing Advisory Team and there is no charge to the school for our time. However, we do request that the school of study arrange the room booking (with PowerPoint facilities) and recruitment of participants themselves from staff in the school (ideally a minimum of 10 participants). Some schools also choose to link up with other schools and arrange participants together. You will also need to organise catering or refreshments yourselves if you would like these.We usually need at least 1-2 months notice for arrangement of the course.

Please contact with FAO Wellbeing Advisory Team if you would like more information.

Supporting Vulnerable Students is a resource for members of staff who support students as part of their role.

Also useful are the Royal College of Psychiatrists publications.

Please click the links for broad guidance on specific areas:

CSED offer some general Mental Health-awareness courses.

Evenhood have produced videos for university tutors on supporting students with their mental wellbeing.