Counselling and Mental Health Counselling and Mental Health

Accessing the support of the Wellbeing Team

Students are now able to refer themselves to the Wellbeing Service, either by visiting or telephoning (01603 592761) the Student Support Centre or by completing our new self-referral form and emailing it to or handing the completed form in to Reception in the Centre.  Please follow this link to access the form.

Counselling and Mental Health

The UEA has a team of Counsellors and Mental Health Advisors who can offer support if you are experiencing psychological and emotional distress. 


The aim of the University Counselling Service is to enable students to realise their potential, participate fully in University life and to leave the University well prepared for the future. 

Life at University can be exciting and enjoyable, providing opportunities to develop new relationships and friendships, study subjects of choice and explore new interests. However for some difficulties may emerge that can seriously impact upon their Wellbeing. Occasionally worries, anxieties and low mood can become overwhelming making it difficult to cope with the demands of University life. Whatever your experience, it is important to remember that the University Counselling Service can support you when life becomes difficult and painful.

Our counsellors/therapists provide brief therapy for a range of issues including: anxiety, depression, identity, sexuality, relationships, grief and loss, transitions, spirituality, home sickness, abuse, concerns around eating and body image and challenges arising from study etc.

Direct advice is not usually given during counselling, instead counselling can facilitate you to develop insight into your own situation, resolve your own issues and discover alternative ways of coping.  

Please take a moment to read through our information page: What is Counselling and Psychotherapy as it provides detailed information on the therapeutic approaches delivered by the service.

The Mental Health Advisory team

Our team of Mental Health Advisors offer support to students with diagnosed or emerging mental health conditions.  The service provides an open door policy for current and intercalating students who require confidential support related to their wellbeing needs. Mental Health Advisors can respond to students in crisis (related to their mental health condition) and liaise with health and social care professionals to facilitate holistic support. The team will also ensure that necessary reasonable adjustments are made for students who have mental health conditions.  Our Mental Health Advisors are all experienced mental health professionals who will provide advice, support and guidance regarding any concerns you may have about your own, or a friend’s mental health/wellbeing. The team offers brief and focussed interventions in that include 1-1 sessions, groups and workshops.

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