Helping students with families adjust to life in Norwich Helping students with families adjust to life in Norwich

UEA and the Student Support Service welcome the families of students to Norwich and are working to develop and provide services, support and advice to help in adjusting to life in the UK. We provide information that affects your family's welfare to ensure they are able to find everything they need, so you are able to thrive academically.

We understand that bringing family is an important decision to make and there are many issues you need to consider such as  housing, finance, employment, healthcare, schooling and childcare, immigration, and the social and cultural impacts on your family. The information provided is to help you understand some of the issues and concerns you and your family may face.

The Student Union Advice Centre can also offer guidance on housing, employment and benefits. 

There are many areas and parks to take your child to play. Here are some of the bigger and more popular places to go and will be great places for your child to meet and play with other children and you can meet other parents in the community.

What's On at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts
The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts (SCVA) organises sessions for children and their parents to learn and have fun. Some of the sessions are free and others do have a small fee. View their calendar for more information.

Norwich City Play Areas






The Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts