Day trip to London, April 2008 Day trip to London, April 2008

Anubis, the jackal-headed god associated with the afterlife in Egyptian mythology, guards the entrance to the O2 dome where the exhibition is on show until late August. A camera inside would not have been welcome so this is the only photo from what I thought was a really excellent display in a very dramatic setting.

The day had begun with a trouble-free drive from UEA to Greenwich. Here we had a couple of hours  - time for a tantalising glimpse of some of the markets, a brief view of the Thames and a spot of lunch before getting back on the coach for a short (but traffic laden) drive to the O2 Dome. A spectacular venue with steaming, bubbling pools on the plaza outside and an enormous towering, twisted, silver spike soaring up into the sky.

Our timed exhibition entry led us up tall escalators and into a completely darkened room where a video screen sprung into life and set the scene for the ancient land of the Pharaohs. Then black drapes slid silently apart to reveal blackness beyond with a dimly lit glass case at its centre. This slowly brightened as we approached to show an enormous seated figure - one of the guardians of the tomb. So we entered the dark corridors leading to galleries in which the ancient artefacts were displayed. Walls were the colours of the desert sand and huge 'stone' tablets told of what lay within  making one feel as though on a journey through a pyramid Itself. If you haven't been I thoroughly recommend it.

Then it was out blinking into the bright warm sunshine with time for a snack and short wander by the river before the coaches took us home. A really enjoyable day and thanks to Carol for organising it - Sheila D.