The king's treasure, April 2011 The king's treasure, April 2011

On a pleasantly warm and sunny Friday evening, we gathered at the Castle Gates Pub in Timber Hill to embark on another Staff Association Treasure Hunt. Aware of the date, April 1st, we hoped that the challenge that we were to be set wouldn't cause us to feel too much like fools.

The sets of questions were soon distributed and we were on our way. The amount of laughing that could be heard was evidence of the enjoyment. Although generally not difficult, the clues made us all search and I'm sure everyone found out new and quirky bits of information about this part of Norwich.

To add to the interest level, we were provided with extra gems of historical fact on the clues sheet. As self pointed scribe, I was able to read these, whilst the remainder of my team performed the harder task of serious searching.

Confident of most of our offerings, we returned to the pub where we were able to do the final hunting amongst the wall displays.
It was good to relax and enjoy a drink and a chat before the very substantial and tasty buffet. The answers were provided. No, we didn't win but felt that we had done reasonably well and had certainly had a great evening.

Thanks to Lynn and Helen for their excellent organisation. It all went perfectly and we will look forward to the 2012 event.

- Jane Dye

Several teams made up of various numbers and age ranges enjoyed a pleasurable Friday evening strolling around some historical parts of Norwich city centre. Many were so keen to get going that they left the Castle Gates public house in Timberhill before the 6 o'clock official start time in search of clues.

The route initially sent us up the hill and across to Golden Ball Street via Grout's Thoroughfare, then down Rose Lane and through King Street before working our way back up to Ber Street via Music House and Thorn Lanes. The final leg took us down Westlegate and along Red Lion Street before re-entering Timberhill at the bottom to head for the finish.

Some of the clues were easier to solve than others and a few answers demanded lateral thinking and counting as well as looking high and low. It was all good fun. I think most of us learned a few new facts about Norwich's history which one would normally just walk past. The snippets of information and facts on the answer sheets about some of the locations were also an interesting and welcome bonus, which added to the enjoyment.

After almost two hours, we all arrived back at Castle Gates for the final clues before enjoying a drink and hot snacks kindly laid on by the landlord. Certificates were presented for ‘achievements' other than just answering the most questions correctly, which was in keeping with the humorous undertones of the whole event.

Well done and thank you to Lynn and Helen for putting it all together and organising everyone on the night.

- Carole Grimes (ex-UEA employee)