An evening of mystery, February 2006 An evening of mystery, February 2006

Robin (aka Cookie) was poisoned the evening of the Amateur Dramatics Society Annual Dinner.  Cookie, who was the Chef at the hotel in which the Am Dram dinner was being held, and lead star of the Am Dram's productions had many who loved him, but also many who despised him.

Following a hot buffet provided by the hotel (was this sensible due to the earlier poisoning!) and donned in their frivolous hats, the attendees of the Staff Association Murder Mystery Evening at the Maids Head Hotel had to tell their stories, then their secrets, and decide, table by table – who killed Cook Robin…..

Was it the spurned lover Ronnie Starr – overdramatic and recently dumped by Cookie? 

Was it the rev and his wife trying to cover up financial issues with the Society's accounts? 

Was it the innocent looking, heavily pregnant maid?

Was it the hotel owners – desperate to sell the hotel but all attempts being thwarted by Cookie? 

Was it the widow of a fellow Am Dram seeking her revenge for the untimely and suspicious death of her husband?

All looked innocent in their own way but with deep dark secrets lurking – but not for long!

Only those who were there will know who the real murderer is….. but you may wish to consider carefully before you accept anything edible from the direction of the Student Records Office!