Photographs from previous events Photographs from previous events

This page is an opportunity to view pictures and read articles about Staff Association trips and events. 

Just click on the links for the event you would like to view. 

Do you have pictures for events you would like to share or would you like to write a brief article about an event you attended? If yes, email them to Helen Mount.*

Event (alphabetical)


Althorp (Day Trip) July 2007
BBC Tour August 2009
Beetle Drive October 2005
Book Swap December 2012
Bristol August 2009
Burghley House (Day Trip) May 2009
Charity Bingo December 2010
Charity Bingo December 2009
Charity Bingo December 2008
Charity Bingo December 2006
Charity Bingo December 2004
Charity Bingo December 2003
Chartwell (Day Trip) 2008
Chester and Tatton Park (Weekend) July 2006
Christmas Special at the Pavilion December 2007
Cotswolds (Weekend) September 2008
Isle of Wight (Weekend) April 2005
Liverpool (Weekend) April 2009
Murder Mystery Evening February 2006
Oil Painting Day February 2010
Olympics Tour October 2010
Quiz Night March 2010
Quiz Night October 2006
Reymerston Hall (Gyrocopters) (Day Trip) May 2007
South Wales - Cardiff (Weekend) April 2011
Treasure Hunt April 2011
Tutankhamun Exhibition, London (Day Trip) April 2008
Walking Tour of Norwich July 2009
Weekend in the North East Spring 2008
Yorkshire (Weekend) Autumn 2007


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