Our constitution Our constitution

1. The name of the society shall be:

"University of East Anglia Staff Association"

2. Its main object is that:

"the Association shall exist to promote the interests, well being and welfare of the staff of the UEA, and thus further the interests of the UEA as a whole".

3. Full membership

(a) All employees of the UEA shall be eligible for membership of the Staff Association.

(b) All permanent employees of the Union of UEA Students shall be eligible for membership of the Staff Association.

(c) Any member leaving the employment of the University must return his card to the Subscription Secretary when his membership will no longer be valid.

(d) Any full member whose employment has been transferred to another employer may continue as a full member so long as the nature of their employment has not changed.  The Executive Committee will decide on the applicability of this regulation.

4. Associate membership

(a) Each Full Member may sponsor their spouse as an Associate Member.

(b) Each Full Member may sponsor one additional Associate Member.

(c) An application for Associate Membership must be signed by a sponsor who shall be a Full Member.  The application shall be submitted by the Full Member to the Subscription Secretary.  In the event of an application being refused the fee shall be returned.

(d) An Associate Member must:

i) be a spouse of a Full Member

or ii) be a close relative of a Full Member

or iii) have been a Full Member of the Staff Association for at least three years and applied for Associate Membership within six months of leaving the University.  He may be sponsored only by the Executive.

or iv) be a member of the UEA Retirement Association who had worked at UEA for at least five years.  He may only be sponsored by the Executive.

(e) Existing Associate Members will remain providing application is received by 1stAugust each year from their present sponsor, unless otherwise approved by the Executive.

(f) Associate Members shall have all rights as Full Members with the exception of the following:

i) they will not be allowed to vote at AGMs or EGMs etc.

ii) they will not be eligible to serve on any committee of any club       in the Staff Association with the exception of the Angling Club where under exceptional circumstances no full member is willing to stand and the future of the Club as a result is uncertain.  In this instance, no more than two Associates may be elected to the Angling Club committee.  The Staff Association Executive will give final approval.

iii) they will not be allowed to bring guests other than their spouses and children to premises as specified by the Executive Committee

5. Life membership

(a) A Full Member of five years standing or more on retirement from the University shall be eligible for Life Membership of the Staff Association and issued with a non-renewable card.  Application must be made within six months of the date of retirement.

(b) A Life Member shall have the same rights as an Associate Member.

6. Honorary membership

(a) Honorary Membership will be by recommendation of the Executive Committee.

(b) An Honorary Member will have the same rights as an Associate Member.

7. Affiliated institution membership

(a) This membership will be available to all employees of Institutions associated with the University, and to their spouses.

(b) This membership will be sponsored by the Executive Committee to whom application must be made.

(c) The Executive Committee will decide which bodies can be regarded as "affiliated institutions".

(d) This membership will have the same rights as Associate Members.

8. Other membership matters

(a) Any Full Member who sponsors an application which does not comply with Rule 4 may have his own membership of the Staff Association rescinded immediately, with no right of appeal.

(b) The Executive reserves the right to refuse any application.

(c) Membership fees and their method of payment shall be decided by the AGM.

9. The executive of the staff association

(a) The Executive shall consist of the Officers plus five other members, the twelve comprising no fewer than two members of either sex. These twelve shall be elected at the AGM.

(b) The Officers shall be:

i) Chairman to take the Chair at all meetings of the Staff Association; to have the casting vote in cases of extreme dissension among members of any meeting.

ii) Secretary to take minutes of the Executive and General Meetings; to receive and send all correspondence in the Staff Association's name; to conduct any voting which may occur (although the Chairman will appoint assessors).

iii) Treasurer  to receive and disburse Staff Association funds and to maintain Staff Association accounts.

iv) Vice-chairman to take the chair in the absence of the Chairman.

v) Vice-treasurer to deputise for the Treasurer.

vi) Subscription secretary to deal with all matters relating to membership.

vii) Social committee chairman to organise social events.

(c) The Executive has the power to co-opt small committees to deal with specific matters.  At least one member of such a committee must also be a member of the Executive.

(d) The Executive administers premises as specified by the Executive Committee, and publishes House Rules.

(e) The Executive publishes House Rules for the use of the Sportspark on Staff Association nights.

(f) The Executive has the power to co-opt in the event of an Executive member leaving.

(g) The Executive has the power to make decisions not covered by the Constitution.

10. Notice of meetings

(a) Executive meetings may be called by the Secretary or by general agreement within the Executive with 48 hours notice.

(b) General meetings will be called at the discretion of the Executive or upon receipt of a request signed by no fewer than thirty Full Members specifying the business to be discussed.

(c) Annual General Meetings must have a full 14 days notice to all members.  AGMs will normally be held in the autumn semester.  The time and venue of the AGM will be fixed by the preceding AGM.

11. Quorums

(a) of the Executive the quorum shall be five.

(b) of general meetings the quorum shall be thirty Full Members.

(c) of the AGM the quorum shall be thirty Full Members.

12. Changes

Changes in the Constitution can only be made at the AGM providing that the proposed changes have been submitted to the Secretary in writing at least 28 days before the AGM, and any changes must have two-thirds majority at the AGM. Proposed changes to the Constitution must be circulated to members at least 7 days before the AGM. 

13. The Staff Association shall appoint an auditor. 

14. All masculine terms shall include the feminine.