Meet the members of the Executive Committee Meet the members of the Executive Committee

Below are all the current members of the Staff Association executive committee.

Executive Committee members Executive Committee members

Executive Committee Members

Sharon WeekleyChair
Sharon Weekley
Tel: 01603 592726

Chairing the Executive Committee meetings; chairing the AGM; Liaising with the Executive Committee regarding Staff Association decisions.

Isla Fay

Vice Chair
Isla Fay
Tel: 01603 592828

Assisting the chair

Yvonne Formanski-Nicholson

Yvonne Formanski-Nicholson
Tel: 01603 593486

Managing the accounts


Lynn Kerin

Vice Treasurer
Lynn Kerin
Tel: 01603 593695

Responsibilities: Assisting the Treasurer


Diane Whalen
Diane Whalen
Tel: 01603 592733

Secretary to the Executive Committee meetings; Secretary to the AGM


Role Name Contact details Responsibilities
New Members Secretary Beverley Youngman Managing the membership lists; issuing membership cards

Life Membership Secretary

June Abbey Contact person for life membership queries
Social Committee Chair Tracey Hobbs Chairing the social committee; Sports liaison
Discounts Officer Vickie Hunter-Lines Anything to do with discounts
Executive member Trevor M. Smith  
Executive member Sadie Skipworth  
Executive member Nicola Howlett  
Executive member Victoria Hawkes  
Website Officer Heidi Prada Website
Marketing and Publicity/SAM Joint Editor Sarah Morris Marketing and publicity
SAM Joint Editor Beatrice Poubeau  Marketing and publicity
Retirement Committee representative Alan Coddington or Tel: 01603 456855 Retired members