Looking for a placement? Looking for a placement?

Firstly, you need to decide if your main purpose for mobility is to teach; to learn; or a combination of both.

You should ensure that your relevant line manager(s) is/ are aware of your interest in staff mobility and, in principle, that they are happy to release you from your regular activities for the duration of any placement.

Please note, that although Erasmus placements can be from 2 days to 2 months in duration (excluding travel time), to maximise the funding UEA has received, we will only be able to provide funding support for mobility of up to 2 weeks. 

Interested in teaching? Interested in teaching?

For any placement which is to include teaching, you need to be willing to conclude at least 8 hours of contact teaching per week of placement, at the the host partner.

  • Check the list of existing UEA Erasmus staff mobility partners, to identify a list of possible placement options
  • Contact potential partners, to discuss their requirements and opportunities to teach
    • For partner contacts, good start points could be:
      • Faculty lists ; Central or Faculty International Offices ; any listed Erasmus contacts
    • N.B. Each institution will manage mobility differently, and so you may need to enquire at a few different places to get to the relevant contact.
  • Participation in training opportunities, such as shadowing opportunities, knowledge transfer meetings, workshops etc can form part of the placement activities, but should not replace the core 8 hours of contact teaching required. 

I've Been invited to teach abroad I've Been invited to teach abroad

If you have received an invitation to teach at another European institution, please make sure that your proposed teaching mobility meets the following criteria, if you would like to apply for Erasmus funding support:

  • the institution is an Erasmus+ Staff Mobility partner and the agreement is within the relevant subject area
  • the active mobility is at least 2 working days (excluding travel)
  • the mobility will consist of a minimum of 8 contact teaching hours
  • you will not receive renumeration from the host institution for the teaching activities delivered

If the mobility meets these 4 criteria then proceed to the UEA Staff Mobility Application for Funding

Otherwise, please contact erasmus@uea.ac.uk to discuss alternative options 

Interested in training? Interested in training?

Training opportunities can be sourced from a multitude of places and are not restricted to UEA's existing Erasmus partner list. This is however, a good place to start, especially as UEA would like to increase opportunities to enhance existing partnerships. There are also potential opportunites through our partners within the AURORA Network, as staff mobility can be linked to the Network's key priorities, and all partners are keen to increase active staff mobility within the Network.

  • If approaching either a UEA partner institution, or another European institution, a good starting point will be:
    • Central or Faculty International Office ; Direct contact at Office/ Service (e.g. would like to job shadow in Student Administration; or Finance etc)
    • Check the iMotion database for any exisiting opportunities, such as 'Erasmus Staff Weeks' 
  • For opportunities outside HEI's, possible good starting points:
    • Direct approach to a business or organisation from whom you wish to learn
    • Advertised workshop/ short course opportunities (participation fee likely) Possible searches:
  • Where necessary, complete any required application requested by the host institution/ organisation (e.g. if planning to attend a training course or organised 'Erasmus staff week')

N.B. Training course fees are not coverable by any eligible Erasmus grant awarded to a participant, and should be budgeted for from the sending school/ office's budget. The training received MUST be relevant to both the participant and sending school/ office. 

Attendance at Conferences is considered NOT ELIGIBLE for Erasmus staff mobility funding. 

My request for mobilty has been agreed by the host, so what now? My request for mobilty has been agreed by the host, so what now?

Complete the UEA Staff Mobility Application for Funding

We endevour to support as many colleagues as possible with Erasmus staff mobility funding. However, UEA receives a limited amount of annual funding to support staff mobility, so we are not able to guarantee that every application for funding will be accepted. This is why it is crucial that the mobility is first agreed within your School/ Service, and that they have a contingency budget, just in case we cannot support the placement.

Please note, we do ask if funding provision has been made within the School/ Service to support the placement, if we cannot. A positive response to this question does not affect the outcome of the funding decision. We ask this to ensure time is not wasted planning a placement, which may then not happen, due to lack of funding provision through Erasmus.

Please only apply for funding if you are sure that either an agreed placement will go ahead, or that you have at least received the commitment from your line manager (through annual appraisal's etc) that you will definitely be released to go out on a placement during the current academic year.

UEA staff who have not previously benefited from an Erasmus grant will be given priority on their first application. There is no restriction on staff receiving 2 or more grants in an academic cycle, if funding is available.

Complete Staff Teaching / Training Agreement Complete Staff Teaching / Training Agreement


Complete the Training/Teaching Mobility Agreement

This will need to be signed by line manager/HOS, as well as the host institution

Complete the UEA Staff Mobility Application for Funding

There is no guarantee for funding even if you are already accepted to participate on a teaching or training mobility. UEA receives a limited amount of grants and priority may be given to staff who have not previously participated on the Erasmus+ programme

Send scanned (original) copies to erasmus@uea.ac.uk

We will respond by email within 14 days to advise if you are eligible to receive a mobility grant.

This page will take you through the application process.

Staff mobility application form

My mobility grant has been approved, what’s next : My mobility grant has been approved, what’s next :

  • Book accommodation and flights through your School as early as possible
  • Book your travel insurance – information for UEA staff travel insurance can be found here
  • Complete and sign the Certificate of Attendance mobility document before you depart.
  • Without this signed document we will not be able to issue your School the mobility grant
  • Keep all original and electronic receipts

Staff Mobility Opportunities Staff Mobility Opportunities



Upon return from your teaching or training mobility: Upon return from your teaching or training mobility:

Upon return from your teaching or training mobility:

  • Send copies of all travel and subsistence receipts to erasmus@uea.ac.uk
  • Return the original Certificate of Attendance to the Erasmus Officer, Arts Building
  • Complete the Staff Mobility questionnaire sent from the European Commission. This is a mandatory requirement before we are able to issue your School the mobility grant
  • Provide any general feedback about the host institution or event to erasmus@uea.ac.uk

Once we have received all required paperwork we will make an internal recharge to the School budget code provided with the allocated mobility grant