Looking for a placement? Looking for a placement?

Firstly, decide if your main purpose for mobility is to teach; to learn; or a combination of both.

Ensure that your relevant line manager is aware of your interest in staff mobility and, in principle, they are happy to release you from your regular activities for the duration of any placement.

Please note, although Erasmus placements can be from 2 days to 2 months in duration (excluding travel time), to maximise the funding received by UEA, funding support will be limited to mobilities of 2 weeks or less. Requests for longer mobilities will only be considered if requested by 20 December in the preceding academic year to which the intended placement would take place.

The University has prepared draft new Rules for Travel on University Business. The rules cover all off-campus activities. The Consultation Documents are available for review and comment on the Portal until 31 March.

The draft is not produced by nor exclusive to Erasmus-funded mobility but is referenced here to ensure staff interested in Erasmus-funded mobility are aware of this opportunity to comment and raise concern in advance of the document becoming approved University rules.

Interested in teaching? Interested in teaching?

For any placement which is to include teaching, you must conclude at least 8 hours of contact teaching per week of placement, at the the host partner.

  • Check the list of existing UEA Erasmus staff mobility partners, to identify a list of possible placement options
  • Contact potential partners, to discuss their requirements and opportunities to teach
    • For partner contacts, good start points could be:
      • Faculty lists ; Central or Faculty International Offices ; any listed Erasmus contacts
    • N.B. Each institution will manage mobility differently, and so you may need to enquire at a few different places to get to the relevant contact.
  • Participation in training opportunities, such as shadowing opportunities, knowledge transfer meetings, workshops etc can form part of the placement activities, but should not replace the core 8 hours of contact teaching required. 

I've Been invited to teach abroad I've Been invited to teach abroad

If you have received an invitation to teach at another European institution, please make sure that your proposed teaching mobility meets the following criteria, if you would like to apply for Erasmus funding support:

  • the institution is an Erasmus+ Staff Mobility partner and the agreement is within the relevant subject area
  • the active mobility is at least 2 working days (excluding travel)
  • the mobility will consist of a minimum of 8 contact teaching hours
  • you will not receive renumeration from the host institution for the teaching activities delivered

If the mobility meets these 4 criteria then proceed to the UEA Staff Mobility Application for Funding

Otherwise, please contact erasmus@uea.ac.uk to discuss alternative options 

Interested in training? Interested in training?

Training opportunities can be sourced from a multitude of places and are not restricted to UEA's existing Erasmus partner list. This is however, a good place to start, especially as UEA would like to increase opportunities to enhance existing partnerships. There are also potential opportunites through our partners within the AURORA Network, as staff mobility can be linked to the Network's key priorities, and all partners are keen to increase active staff mobility within the Network.

  • If approaching either a UEA partner institution, or another European institution, a good starting point will be:
    • Central or Faculty International Office ; Direct contact at Office/ Service (e.g. would like to job shadow in Student Administration; or Finance etc)
    • Check the iMotion database for any exisiting opportunities, such as 'Erasmus Staff Weeks' 
  • For opportunities outside HEI's, possible good starting points:
    • Direct approach to a business or organisation from whom you wish to learn
    • Advertised workshop/ short course opportunities (participation fee likely) Possible searches:
  • Where necessary, complete any required application requested by the host institution/ organisation (e.g. if planning to attend a training course or organised 'Erasmus staff week')

N.B. Training course fees are not coverable by any eligible Erasmus grant awarded to a participant, and should be budgeted for from the sending school/ office's budget. The training received MUST be relevant to both the participant and sending school/ office. 

Attendance at Conferences is considered NOT ELIGIBLE for Erasmus staff mobility funding. 

My request for mobilty has been agreed by the host, so what now? My request for mobilty has been agreed by the host, so what now?

Complete the UEA Staff Mobility Application for Funding

UEA receives a limited amount of annual funding to support staff mobility, so we are not able to guarantee that every application for funding will be accepted. This is why it is crucial that the mobility is first agreed within your School/ Service, and that they have a contingency budget, just in case we cannot support the placement.

Please note, we do ask if funding provision has been made within the School/ Service to support the placement, if we cannot. A positive response to this question does not affect the outcome of the funding decision. We ask this to ensure time is not wasted planning a placement, which may then not happen, due to lack of funding provision through Erasmus.

Please only apply for funding if you are sure that either an agreed placement will go ahead, or that you have at least received the commitment from your line manager (through annual appraisal's etc) that you will definitely be released to go out on a placement during the current academic year.

UEA staff who have not previously benefited from an Erasmus grant will be given priority on their first application. There is no restriction on staff receiving 2 or more grants in an academic cycle, if funding is available.

Complete Staff Teaching / Training Agreement Complete Staff Teaching / Training Agreement

If initial approval for funding has been granted based on your application, you will be asked to complete and return a teaching/ training agreement.

This document must detail the planned activities, and expected outcomes/ impact of the mobility placement.

For teaching activities, this should include:

  • Lecture/ seminar titles or tutorial support; Duration of each element; Expected numbers of learners etc.

 For training activities, this should include:

  • Daily agenda of activities (e.g. meetings/ workshops titles; job shadowing content; practical training activities; cultural excursions); Duration of each element; Role related purpose of training elements etc.

The completed form must be signed by yourself, your line manager/ HoS and the relevant contact/ supervisor for your activities at the host institution/ organisation, before returning to the Erasmus+ Officer.

Has my mobility grant been approved? Has my mobility grant been approved?

We will respond by email within 14 days of receipt of the completed teaching/ training agreement to confirm the status of your Erasmus mobility grant.

A grant agreement will then be sent to you with details of the grant allocated, and the terms and conditions relating to the grant.

This agreement must be signed by you with an original "wet" signature and returned to the UEA Erasmus+ Officer for counter-signing, prior to the commencement of your placement.

This grant agreement therefore confirms a committment to support your placement through the Erasmus Programme. However, if the terms and conditions of the agreement are not upheld, funding support can be removed.

Preparations for travel Preparations for travel

The maximum grant allocated to your placement is as listed in your grant agreement.

When organising travel and accommodation for your placement, please be sure to keep this total in-mind, and liaise with the budget holder of your School/ Departmental budget so that they are fully aware of your funding allocation.

Any relevant costs relating to the placement should initially be charged to a nominated School/ Departmental budget.

On conclusion of the placement, and further to all relevant costs/ claims being submitted, and a final approved copy being forwarded to the UEA Erasmus+ Officer, a reimbursement - up to the maximum grant allocation - will be forwarded to the nominated School/ Departmental budget. See Erasmus reimbursement process.

To expedite this process, the participant should ensure they keep a log of all the costs and through what means these were paid for i.e. UEA charge card; personal funds; invoice (taxi's booked through UEA acconts; Key Travel; Course Fee (if relevant)) etc. 

Things to remember:

  • Book accommodation and flights as early as possible
  • Submit travel insurance request
  • Take a copy of the Certificate of Placement with you, to have signed on the completion of your placement
  • Keep all relevant receipts for staff expenses claim on your return (if relevant)

Upon return from your teaching or training mobility: Upon return from your teaching or training mobility:

Upon return from your teaching or training mobility:

  • Submit final expenses for approval to your line manager - please remember these should intially be charged to the same budget as any prior claims or charges relating to your placement
  • Send copies of all relevant approved travel and subsistence receipts to erasmus@uea.ac.uk
  • Return the original signed Certificate of Placement to the Erasmus Officer, Arts Building
  • Complete the Staff Mobility online report sent from the European Commission. This is a mandatory requirement. Reimbursement of funds to School/ Departmental budgets will only be confirmed on receipt of completed online report
  • Provide any general feedback about the host institution or event to erasmus@uea.ac.uk

Once all required paperwork has been received, an internal recharge up to the maximum grant allocation for your placement will be made to the relevant School/ Departmental budget code provided