Health and safety - staff support Health and safety - staff support

Health and safety – your representatives

Your first port of call if there is an issue in the workplace is your manager, or the university Safety Services team.  However, sometimes there are issues that get stuck, or you're not sure who to approach.  That's what the staff reps are there for.  We are appointed by trade unions, but we support all members of staff.

If you have any concerns about health, safety or welfare contact a staff representative:  Rachel Henderson, Sue King or James Goillau.  To make contact easier there is one email address –

These representatives attend university safety committees, carry out inspections, and raise issues with the university on behalf of staff. 

 UEA is a complex workplace and the health and safety representatives want to ensure that hazards and risks are identified before harm is done. 

There is increased evidence of the negative impact on health of issues such as work related stress and bullying, and these are among our highest concerns.

Some examples:
Concern over fumes from a photocopier
Excessive temperatures in an office
Concern over asbestos


Look out for and report any hazards in the workplace

Report accidents and near-misses to University Safety Services

Share any concerns with your manager, or a safety rep

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