Applicant Day Shifts Applicant Day Shifts

General Applicant Day Shift Information

Tasks before you work:
  • Ensure that the shared spaces in your flat and your bedrooms are clean and tidy, using the following points as guidance:

    • wipe down kitchen, bathroom and bedroom surfaces

    • clear away clutter and washing up in the kitchen

    • hoover/mop floors if possible

    • bins should not be overflowing or messy

    • check that there is not an excessive amount of alcohol on show

    • cover or take down any potentially inappropriate/offensive posters on the wall

  • Inform your flat mates that there will be large groups of people in your flat

As always when you work remember to be positive and friendly!

If you have any questions or are unsure about anything please get in touch with

Briefing Documents

Applicant Day Shifts – Morning Briefing Document

Walkie-talkie - Instructions

Applicant Day Shifts – Afternoon Briefing Document

Payroll Calendar