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There are plenty of opportunities for Principal Investigators to undertake Leadership and Management training offered by CSED and RS Connect also offer a programme of 'bite sized' lunchtime sessions of Leadership Skills for Research Staff.

RS Connect (in partnership with Faculties, Cue East and RIN) supports and trains research staff so that you can have more effective research teams, who require less micro-management, and who will continue to provide successful research outcomes. Develop your Researchers to complete on time, to understand how to plan a budget and to communicate your results appropriately and effectively.    There will be more opportunities for future funding, more publications and enhanced career development for all.


Further Resources

Vitae has online support resources available and these include:

  • Supervising a doctorate: a resource for new supervisors or those wish to revisit their roles and responsibilities
  • 'Every researcher counts' a HEFCE-funded project, run by Vitae, to improve equality and diversity in researcher careers; and
  • The Policy and Practice site, which provides up-to-date information on initiatives affecting researchers in the UK and across Europe

Vitae produces a section on their website which are intended as a convenient resource for new and aspiring PIs. Whether you wish to develop your people management skills, are considering the impact of your research project, or are new to managing a research team and don't know where to start, Vitae hopes you'll find guidance and support through their site.

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