University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) University Research Ethics Committee (UREC)

The University Research Ethics Committee (UREC) is the overarching committee at the University of East Anglia which defines the University's Research Ethics Policy and operational principles.

The current membership of the UREC is:-

Ms Bridget Penhale - Chair (until 31st July 2020)

Professor Ted Turocy - Deputy Chair (ADR SSF) (temporary Chair from 1st August 2020)

Dr Zografia Bika - Member (Chair NBS S-REC)

Professor Alastair Forbes - Member (Chair FMH S-REC) (until 31st July 2020)

Dr David Hugh-Jones - Member (Chair ECO S-REC)

Dr Ra Mason - Member (Chair HUM S-REC)

Dr Georgia Philip - Member (Chair SWK S-REC)

Dr Graham Riley - Member (Chair AWERB)

Dr Kate Russell - Member (Chair EDU S-REC)

Dr Thomas Sambrook - Member (Chair PSY S-REC)

Dr Heike Schroder - Member (Chair DEV S-REC) (temporary replacement for Dr Catherine Jere until 31st December 2020)

Dr Dan Smith - Member (Chair SCIENCE S-REC)

Professor Thomas Mock - Co-opted expert (temporary replacement for Dr Helen Pallet until 31st December 2020)

Ms Ellen Paterson - Member (Information Policy and Compliance Manager, ISD)

Dr Frank Wells - Lay Member

Dr Helen Brownlee - Secretary (Research Integrity Manager, RIN)

The University's Research Ethics Policy is implemented by procedures determined by the Terms of Reference of the UREC (to be ratified at a future UREC meeting).