University Research Ethics Committee (U-REC) University Research Ethics Committee (U-REC)

The University Research Ethics Committee (U-REC) is the overarching committee at the University of East Anglia which defines the University's Research Ethics Policy and operational principles.

The current membership of the U-REC is:-

Ms Bridget Penhale - Chair

Professor Ted Turocy - Deputy Chair (Associate Dean for Research - SSF)

Dr Zografia Bika - Member (Chair NBS-REC)

Professor Alastair Forbes - Member (Chair FMH-REC)

Dr David Hugh-Jones - Member (Chair ECO-REC)

Dr Catherine Jere - Member (Chair DEV-REC)

Professor Thomas Otte - Member (Chair HUM-REC)

Dr Georgia Philip - Member (Chair SWK-REC)

Dr Graham Riley - Member (Chair AWERB)

Dr Kate Russell - Member (Chair EDU-REC)

Dr Thomas Sambrook - Member (Acting Chair PSY-REC)

Dr Dan Smith - Member (Chair SCIENCE-REC)

Dr Helen Pallett - Co-opted Expert

Ms Ellen Paterson - Member (Information Policy and Compliance Manager, ISD)

Dr Frank Wells - Lay Member

Dr Helen Brownlee - Secretary (Research Integrity Manager, RIN)

The University's Research Ethics Policy is implemented by procedures determined by the Terms of Reference of the U-REC.