Research Activities (Including Service Evaluation and Audits) Research Activities (Including Service Evaluation and Audits)

Ethical review is mandatory for research involving human participants (including their tissue or personal data) and animals, or which may have the potential to affect the environment or cultural objects.

In the first instance researchers may wish to seek advice from the Chair of the Research Ethics Subcommittee (S-REC) which seems most appropriate for the subject of their research.

Each S-REC will have an appropriate Research Ethics Checklist or equivalent to be used as guidance when considering the ethical issues of a project. Potential applicants should refer to the relevant S-REC's web pages to obtain details of the documentation and the application process for ethics approval.

Research ethics should be taken into account at an early stage in the development of a research proposal. Ethics approval must be obtained BEFORE any of the research starts and at least 10 working days should be allowed for initial review.  It can take much longer than this if the S-REC has questions.

If undertaking health-related research, NHS REC ethics review via the Integrated Research Application System (IRAS) takes precedence over UEA S-REC ethics review. To help decide whether your project needs NHS REC ethics review, please refer to the HRA decision tool.