Ethical Review Ethical Review

The consideration of ethics issues during the complete lifecycle of a project (including impact activities) is part of good research practice at the University.

The route required for ethical approval depends on the nature of your project:

Ethical review is mandatory for impact activities funded from the following internal funding stream:

UEA PVC Impact Fund

The Impact Activities Ethics Checklist can be found at the end of the Application Form.

  • Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF) Activities

Ethical review is mandatory for GCRF activities funded from the UEA GCRF QR allocation 2018-21.

Ethics approval must be received by the PI from the S-REC reviewing the GCRF QR activities ethics checklist BEFORE any of the funded GCRF activities start.

The consideration of ethics issues is also important when preparing a new teaching module or introducing new material to an existing module.


If you are concerned about the result of the ethical review process or circumstances relating to a project or a revision to an ongoing project, please follow the University’s Ethics Review Appeal Procedures.