Welcome to the UEA Pure web pages Welcome to the UEA Pure web pages

About Pure and Pure Data

Pure is a research information tool for use by you as an individual member of staff or as an academic manager. It provides access to data held in University systems about your research and innovation activities and allows you to add additional research or enterprise data.

It also is used to feed certain data about you to publicly accessible UEA websites such as UEA Digital Repository and the searchable People Pages.

Pure is managed by RIN in conjunction with ISD, LIB and ARM and supported by UEA's Research Executive and ISD Research Board.

Data from University systems that feed to Pure:

  • Data about you, your school and group links fed from UEA's HR system via SPOT
  • Data on your research and other projects and applications from PMA/UBW
  • Data on your PGR supervision from SITS
  • Data about your intellectual property, licenses and enterprise projects from MyIP

Data in Pure, as may be relevant, will be used:

  • To feed to UEA's Digital Repository
  • To feed to UEA's searchable People Pages
  • To support School Research Activity Plans (which have replaced RPlan)
  • To submit for REF2021

Within Pure you can add/edit or amend certain data held on Pure about your research and/or your profile. Please see our User Guide and Forms page to access user guides to help you get the best out of Pure.

Using Pure

As a member of UEA staff you have direct access to your Pure pages where you can:

  • Review data fed from other systems
  • Enter/edit data about publications and other outputs; research activities, research impacts and your profile.

Please see our User Guide and Forms page to access user guides to help you get the best out of Pure.

Simply go to https://pure.uea.ac.uk where, provided you are logged onto your PC, you will have direct access to your Pure pages.

Pure and Public Access

Please note your own Pure pages at https://pure.uea.ac.uk are on the intranet and are not open to the public. Only data approved to be shown in one of the UEA publicly accessible websites (or pages) is open to the public.

Selected information in Pure is made available to the public through the following webpages:

Intranet access to Pure is restricted to yourself, relevant academic managers, Pure support staff and certain Faculty support staff if approved by your Faculty Manager.

Open Access to research outputs

What is Open Access?

UEA's Policy on Open Access

How to Apply for APC Funds

Open Access help and support

Pure help and support

Please see here for a list of known issues with the current version of the Enhanced Pure Portal. Please let us know if you encounter any issues not on this list.

These pages are designed to help you get the best out of Pure. If you cannot find what you are looking for then please contact the Pure helpdesk at pure@uea.ac.uk who will endeavour to support you.