If you do not have any external funding, or your external funding cannot be used to cover open access costs, you will still be able to make your article open access using the green route to open access, by uploading a copy of the full text of the publication to PURE, which will then feed through to the UEA Digital Repository.  In the case of journal articles and conference proceedings, if you do this at the point of acceptance, then you will also ensure that the article is eligible for the next REF.

If you would like to make the article open access through the gold route (eg because you want the article to be open access immediately, or because your preferred publication is open access only), then you will be interested in what options there are for covering these costs at UEA.

Is there money for APCs?

Currently, there are no centralised sources of funding at UEA for non-RCUK research articles.

However, there may be funds available through your School or Faculty.  In such cases, you should contact your School Director of Research before you submit the article.

You could also investigate the publisher’ (or journal’s) waiver policy.  You may be required to provide evidence around lack of funds, so again it is best to find out about this before you submit.

If there is no funding how can I be REF eligible?

It is important to know that eligibility for the post-2014 REF explicitly does not require any payment to the publisher to enable open access. 

The REF policy is in fact a ‘green first’ policy as it is based on the deposit of a copy of the accepted manuscript into a repository.  At UEA, we require that articles are deposited in the institutional repository via PURE in addition to any subject-specific repositories such as EuropePMC.

For more information about the REF open access policy, please see the HEFCE policy page.