Research publications that acknowledge multiple funders may need to meet different expectations around open access, to meet the requirements of different funders.  Note that for multiple author papers the grants may be held by different individual authors and at different institutions

While these requirements are unlikely to contradict each other, one funder may have more stringent requirements than others.  In such cases, you should follow the strictest set of guidelines. 

For example, if funding is received from both the Wellcome Trust and Horizon 2020 you should ensure that a Gold open access article is licensed with a Creative Commons Attribution (CC BY) licence, even though this is not required for Horizon 2020.

The open Access requirements may also be complementary.  For example, one funder may require Gold open access to the article while another require Green open access (deposit of the article in a repository).  In such cases, you would need to arrange to meet both aspects.

Allocation of funds to cover any open access (or other) publishing costs may be complex if multiple funding sources are involved.  These cases will need to be dealt with on a case-by-case basis.  Please contact to discuss your situation.

In the acknowledgements of a research output, multiple grant numbers should be separated by comma and space. Where the research was supported by more than one agency, the different agencies should be separated by semi-colon, with “and” before the final funder. For example:

“This work was supported by the Wellcome Trust [grant numbers xxxx, yyyy]; UK Research and Innovation [grant number zzzz]; and the National Institute for Health Research [grant number aaaa].”