UEA has an article processing fund to cover the costs of open access for certain publications.  This has been allocated to the University as a block grant from UKRI and so is only available for outputs arising from UKRI-funded research (even if that grant is closed). Where the research does not arise from UKRI funding open access costs would need to be covered from other grants, or by application to the School or Faculty who may have funding available.

In order to access the fund for the cost of the Article Processing Charge:

  1. The paper must be a peer-reviewed journal article or conference proceeding.
  2. The paper must have been submitted for publication after 1st April 2013.
  3. The paper must be a direct result of research funded by UK Research and Innovation (e.g. evidenced by a clear link to a research grant number) and acknowledge this funding in the paper.
  4. The publication (journal) must be compliant with UKRI Access to Research Outputs Policy. Compliance can be checked on Sherpa/FACT.

The following documents are required before payment can be made:

  1. A completed downloadable request form (you will be asked to provide details of your publication and your UKRI funded research).
  2. A formal note of acceptance from the Publisher.
  3. Confirmation that funding information is included within the acknowledgement section of the paper.
  4. Confirmation that the research papers, if applicable, include a statement on how underlying research materials, such as data, samples or models, can be accessed (see UKRI Policy on open Access and Supporting Guidelines 3.3 (ii))
  5. Provide a link to or full-text copy of the final accepted manuscript for the UEA institutional repository (via PURE).

Please note that the fund is available to students in receipt of UKRI funding as well as staff.

For further advice about claiming open access processing charges or difficulties in completing any sections of the online request form, please contact