Many projects involve working with other organisations which may or may not have signed up to the main terms and conditions of the Funder (e.g. multi-partner Research Council projects, EU-funded projects, third parties undertaking specific project tasks).

Once an AN2 has been issued your Project Officer will draft any relevant subcontracts or co-applicant/collaborator letters that may be required for the project. Your Project Officer will negotiate the terms directly with the third party but will liaise with the PI to ensure all details included within any agreement are correct (e.g. subcontractor deliverables, dates of work) and keep the PI informed of progress/issues.

Once the detail has been agreed by both parties your Project Officer will sign off the paperwork and issue a copy of the fully signed agreement to the PI. An original copy is retained in the project file for future reference.

Where an extension is required to any third party agreement then please contact your Project Officer who will require confirmation that there are sufficient funds to cover any subcontract extension. Subject to funds being available contract extensions will be negotiated and authorised by your Project Officer directly with the third party, again keeping the PI informed of progress.

All invoices submitted by a third party relating to work undertaken on a project should be sent to the PI for authorisation in the first instance.