Staff appointments on externally funded projects are the responsibility of the PI and RIN via the Human Resources Division. Please speak to your Project Officer in the first instance who will be able to direct you to the relevant RIN Research Administrator to help you through the process.

New grant awards with funding for research staff salary (SR, SA, ST, S&C headings) will require action by the PI and RIN Research Administrator. If the application was submitted with a named researcher then only the appointment paperwork will be required; if the application had an unnamed researcher then the full recruitment process will usually be followed. 

  • Named staff appointments will require a completed Recommendation for Appointment form, CV, 2 references and verification documents. The grade and start date may be predetermined if you appoint an existing member of staff.

  • Unnamed staff appointments will require an externally advertised 4-week advert, short listing, interviewing, and completion of a Recommendation for Appointment form, with application form (including CV), 2 references, and verification documents. The recruitment process can take 2-3 months, and therefore this needs to be taken into account when deciding on grant start dates.


Researchers working on Research Council and Government funded projects for less than 100% of their contracted working hours are required to complete timesheets.Research Council Timesheets and guidance notes.

Timesheets are also required to be completed by all staff (including PI) working on EU-funded projects. Timesheets and guidance notes for FP7 projects

Technicians and other support staff

Technicians and other support staff identified on Research Council or Government funded projects as a Directly Incurred cost will need to be named and charged directly to the project for the appropriate period of time. Timesheets will need to be completed for each member of School support staff charged to projects in this way.

Technicians and other support staff not identified as directly incurred costs will not be charged directly to a project and no timesheet is required.

Technician time can be recharged to a project where it has been included in the awarded budget. The technician will need to be named at the time of the recharge. For further details please contact your Faculty Finance Office.

Temporary employment contracts

Staff can be appointed to projects on a temporary contract and this process is coordinated by a RIN Research Administrator. Please speak to your Project Officer in the first instance.


Where students are to be recruited to externally funded projects the PI should ensure that both the PGR Service and your Project Officer are informed. The PGR Service will advise on the admission, registration and induction of postgraduate students and your Project Officer will ensure that the funding terms and conditions are appropriate for a studentship project.

CASE studentships

Collaborative Awards in Science and Engineering are awarded by Research Councils and offer students the opportunity to work collaboratively with an industrial (or other non-academic) partner. Both the PGR Service and your Project Officer will be involved in setting up the studentship. Your Project Officer will need to have details of the studentship and contact details for your project partner in order to set up an agreement to cover the arrangements for the project (e.g. funding, confidentiality and intellectual property terms). CASE studentship accounts are set up and managed by the School/Faculty Finance office. The PGR Service will advise on the admission, registration and induction of postgraduate students.

If you have a current studentship being converted to a CASE award please contact your Project Officer and the PGR Service.