Accessing your project account

Your project will have a unique identifier (for research projects this is known as the R number). The R number appears on your AN documents and is also the account number.

Project accounts are managed via the University’s finance system (UBW). Following the issue of the AN2 your project account will be set up on the system and you will be able to access your account via UBW.

There is guidance for PIs on How to monitor your project budget and further information about UBW on the Finance pages.

Eligible expenditure

It is the PI’s responsibility to manage the budget in line with UEA procedures and relevant funder guidelines. 

Budget headings set up on UBW will reflect original UBW costing and the award from the funder. Please contact your Faculty Finance Office for more information on charging expenditure to a project account.


Any transfer of funds between budget headings must be in accordance with the rules of the funder. Where relevant your Project Officer will contact the funder to gain the permissions required.

Budget can only be transferred between the directly incurred budget headings (staff, travel, consumables and equipment).

If you wish to vire budget between headings, and you believe the funder allows this to occur, please fill in a virement request form or send an email and forward to Your request will then be checked against the rules of the funder, and the budget amended if allowed.