Actions to be taken whilst running your project Actions to be taken whilst running your project

As your project gets underway there are a number of actions you will need to take. The following sections outline the processes involved and who you need to contact in each instance.

Staff appointments

Staff appointments are the responsibility of the PI and RIN via the Human Resources Division. Please speak to your Project Officer in the first instance who will be able to direct you to the relevant Recruitment Administrator within RIN to help you through the process.

Further information about staff appointments.

Subcontracts, collaboration agreements, consortium agreements

Many projects involve working with other organisations which may or may not have signed up to the main terms and conditions of the Funder (e.g. multi-partner Research Council projects, EU-funded projects, third parties undertaking specific project tasks).

Find out more about working with subcontractors and collaborators.

Project expenditure

Your project will have a unique identifier (e.g. R234567, T987987) which appears on your AN documents and is also your project account number.

For more information about your project expenditure.

Protecting your research

Many projects have a specific work plan and a defined set of terms and conditions. It is important to ensure that your research and ideas are protected.

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Changes to your project

Your Project Officer is responsible for liaising with the funder regarding any changes to your project that may affect the terms of the award. Please contact your Project Officer as soon as possible for such post award issues (eg staff changes, budget changes).

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