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Submission Periods

The next multi-funder submission period is taking place between 04 February and 4pm 14 March 2019. By submitting you are confirming that your outcomes record is accurate, up to date and appropriately attributed to the relevant grant(s) at the time of submission.

This submission period applies to the following funders:

  • NC3Rs
  • National Institute for Health Research (NIHR)
  • Cancer Research UK
  • Wellcome Trust

Students will also be asked to submit their outcomes on the above dates.

It is important to note that there will not be a blanket extension given to those who don’t submit by the deadline.

Please note that outputs can be added to your researchfish® records at any time.

Submission periods for other funders:

Versus Arthritis:

  • 01 May 2019 to 31 May 2019
  • 04 Nov 2019 to 02 Dec 2019

General Information

researchfish® is a research outcomes system designed to enable researchers to report once across multiple funders, and re-use their data. It is currently used by many public and charitable research funding agencies (including the UKRI councils, the British Heart Foundation, Versus Arthritis [formerly Arthritis Research UK], Cancer Research UK, Wellcome Trust and NIHR). For a full list please see the researchfish® website.

If you have received funding from any of these organisations it is likely that you will be required to make an annual submission via researchfish® to report the outcomes of your project, and for up to five years after the end date.

researchfish® has a simple, one-click environment for adding research outcomes to be stored and/or attributed to a funded project. Researchers and postgraduate research students, or one of their delegates, can add, edit and delete entries, and attribute entries to awards they hold or to one of their CVs held in the researchfish® portal.

UKRI councils have confirmed that they will be requiring their funded researchers to submit annual returns in line with the compliance and responsibilities policy.

UKRI have extended the collection of output information to students who are in their third year onwards. This means all students whose studentships started on or before the 3 February 2017. Please see the information for PGR students for further details.

researchfish® data collected from researchers is published via the UKRI Gateway to Research.

NIHR's researchfish® web page provides further information on how it uses the data.


Please ensure that the data submitted is appropriate for use in the public domain e.g. it is not defamatory; personal information about named individuals is not provided; it does not contain commercially sensitive information; etc.


All non-compliant PIs will lose eligibility to be either a PI or Co-I on further awards from any UKRI Council and any UKRI Council awards they hold will have their payments withheld until such time as the PI makes a valid researchfish submission.

This sanctions policy does not apply to students

Support for researchfish® Users

All Principal Investigators required to make a submission to researchfish® are encouraged to enter details of outputs from their funded research projects as they become available throughout the year.

The open research team is the dedicated support in RIN and can provide help for PIs through demonstrations and workshops on request.

Help and guidance is also provided throughout the researchfish® system (see the blue "?" symbol throughout). There is an online Help Centre available on the site, with FAQs, user guides, help videos and webinars, and an option to live chat (available 9am to 5pm, Monday - Friday). 

If you have issues with the researchfish® system (e.g. logging in or technical issues), please contact their support team at