School Authorisation Stage

  • The Head of School is required to authorise the award by email or signing the bottom of the AN1 (Award Notification) if they are happy with the award/contract and issues raised in the AN1 by the Project Officer.

  • The Lead PI (Principal Investigator) is also asked to sign the AN1 to ensure they have understood the terms under which the award is being offered.

  • If the PI is unavailable to accept by email or sign the AN1, e.g. out of the country conducting research or on study leave, then it is not necessary to hold up the start of the project and the AN1 can be returned without the PI's signature. The PI will however still be required to accept the AN1 on their return.

  • Head of School or PI can discuss any issues with the Project Officer before signing the acceptance.

  • The Head of School can reject the award if having considered all the circumstances it is considered inappropriate for the award to be accepted by the School. In this case the Head of School should not sign the AN1 but send an e-mail to the relevant Project Officer explaining their decision so that the funder can be notified formally.

University authorisation stage

When the Project Officer has received the AN1 authorisation from the School and PI they will:

  • Sign the award/contract on behalf of the University

  • Send an acceptance letter/notification or signed contracts to the funder, whichever is relevant

  • A project can only be made 'live' when the contract has been signed by all parties