Where the research work is to be done under terms and conditions which are negotiable with the funder (e.g. some charities, public sector organisations and commercial organisations), your Project Officer will negotiate the terms with the funder to ensure the most favourable outcome for you and the university. Some of the key points considered during contract negotiation are:

  • Intellectual Property Ownership - negotiated on a project-by-project basis. University policy is to retain ownership of intellectual property generated during the course of research projects wherever possible. However, we acknowledge than many projects undertaken with commercial organisations will require more complex intellectual property ownership arrangements and terms will be negotiated accordingly.  In all cases we seek to ensure that we are able to use the results of research in our own internal research and teaching activities.

  • Publication - it is important for both the researchers concerned and the University as a whole to retain the right to academic publication. In situations where a funder has concerns regarding confidentiality and the protection of intellectual property then publication may be subject to a review by the funder and a short delay.

  • Confidentiality - we would try to limit confidentiality obligations to specific confidential information and for a defined time period. However, obligations will vary depending on the nature of your project. Negotiation of confidentiality terms involves a balance between retaining our ability to discuss and publish results of our research and maintaining an awareness of the necessity to protect research with commercial potential. If your research has commercial potential then please speak to your Project Officer.

Once the terms are agreed and finalised your Project Officer will issue an AN1.