JeS Impact Summary JeS Impact Summary

What is it?
The JeS Impact Summary is limited to 4000 characters (including spaces and returns) and broadly speaking should answer two questions:

  • Who might benefit from this research?
  • How might they benefit from this research?

A number of the Councils specify that this section is for Economic and Societal benefits only (e.g. non-academic), and all expect that this will be the primary focus of this section.

Together the JeS Impact Summary and the mandatory Pathways to Impact Statement describe the likely impacts and beneficiaries of the research proposed in the application, how the project team will maximise the chances of the impact occurring, and how this will be evaluated.

As with all research grant applications the current guidance for applicants must be followed for the call that is being applied to. The current version of this document can be found on the funder’s website. Do not assume that the guidance and attachment rules are the same as the last time you submitted an application.

Note that if the project is funded the Research Council will published the Impact Summary on publicly available sites to demonstrate potential impact of Research Council funded research.  Please ensure confidential information is not included in this section.