PVC Impact Fund

The internal PVC Impact Fund supports impact activities that are considered likely to result in the development, growth or evidencing of a case study for a future REF submission. If you have a potential case study that has been reviewed by the Pro Vice Chancellor or your Faculty that would benefit from support from the fund please contact your Faculty's Associate Dean for Innovation or RIN Relationship Manager for more information (or email impact@uea.ac.uk).

Guidance for November 2019

Application form (2019/20)

Funding rounds for 2019/20 and associated guidance will be advertised on this page. Impact Champions will also be notified.

Have you already been awarded funds? You might find our Guidance for managing internal funds useful. 

In the table below, we have provided a list of the types of activities that have been included in successful applications to this scheme. Please note, that the specifics (e.g. justification for the activity within the scope of the project) have been removed to protect project sensitivity and the list is not meant to be exhaustive. If you would like support with your application please contact the Impact team, your Impact Champion/ Director of Innovation (SCI), or your Relationship Manager/RIN lead well ahead of the deadline.



Example of activities


Custom web analytics, video content, website construction, design of dissemination materials, design of logo and branding, animation design, infographic design

Impact capture and analysis

Collating and analysing visitor feedback, employment of RA for collection of evidence, secretarial support for collation of press and media reports, RAs to conduct interviews, transcription costs

Public engagement

Commission of artists, exhibition hosting costs, performance costs, develop exhibition merchandise, promotional costs

Industry/ Spin out

Meeting and travel expenses, workshop costs

Stakeholder engagement 

Consultation and planning meetings, workshop costs, project report production and design, venue hire, policy brief design and production, translation costs


PI time can be bought out in order for the PI to lead on impact work/ events (with agreement of Head of School)


Please note that if you are developing a new research project, funding for impact generating activities should be built into the research project budget (if funder rules allow). To help with planning impact throughout the project plan see our support and guides for pathways to impact.

If you are currently undertaking a research project, or have recently finished one, and consider that there is potential for societal and/or economic impact which could arise from the project, there may also be external funding available. For information on how you can find external funds for impact-related activities, visit the Impact pages on the Portal.