UEA GCRF QR Allocation 2018-21: Internal Funding Opportunities UEA GCRF QR Allocation 2018-21: Internal Funding Opportunities

UEA was awarded £637,000 of funding in 2018/19 to support international development research projects across the University, and it is expected that UEA will receive the same level of funding for the subsequent two years. The institutional strategy was approved for funding over the next three years, and will be available to support a wide range of initiatives compliant with Official Development Assistance. This funding will be accessible via two main schemes: 

  • UEA GCRF Rapid Response funds
  • UEA Global Talent Research Fellowships

Guidance on both funding opportunities is provided below. For further questions, please contact rin.international@uea.ac.uk.


*2020/21 Academic Year news*

The 2020/21 Academic Year is the final year of confirmed GCRF QR funding. Due to this, we cannot guarantee there will be two rounds of applications, as has been standard in previous years. The deadline for applications to the GCRF QR fund for the 2020/21 Academic Year will be 5th June 2020.


UEA GCRF Rapid Response funds  

Rapid response Funds will support activities to leverage the research excellence at UEA for impact in the developing world. All GCRF funding must comply with Official Development Assistance (ODA) criteria, and all activity must be reported on an annual basis. As such, a central aspect of any GCRF-funded activity must be the focus on benefits to developing countries (on the DAC list of ODA recipients) as a primary outcome.

Rapid response funds may be requested up to a maximum of £25,000. Award decisions will take into account the potential for impact, and value for money. 

Eligible activities may include: 

  • ODA research capacity building  
  • Interdisciplinary and collaborative research activity  
  • Generating impact from research both within and beyond the sector  
  • Pump-priming activities to support larger research projects, including relationship building  
  • Rapid response to emergencies where there is an urgent research need 

To apply for Rapid Response funds: 

  • Read the Guidelines for Applicants and Application Form (Word version to be downloaded and filled) as early as possible. Applications must include: 
    • The approval of the Head of School or Department 
    • A completed ethics checklist (found at the end of the application form)
    • A breakdown of costs for the proposed activities 
  • Send the completed form to rin.international@uea.ac.uk

UEA Global Talent Research Fellowships

Starting in 2018, UEA offers the UEA Global Talent Research Fellowships to enhance our international partnerships and to promote research collaborations of wider benefit to society.

As these fellowships are funded via the UEA institutional QR allocation from the Global Challenges Research Fund (GCRF), they must comply with requirements for Official Development Assistance (ODA).

The UEA Global Talent Research Fellowships provide the opportunity for international researchers to spend between 3-6 months at UEA, to advance longer-term interdisciplinary collaborations and to undertake training activities to support their career development. Applications must be supported by a host researcher at UEA, and approved by the Head of School or Department. 

Fellows will receive the following financial support:

  • A stipend of £2,000 per month 
  • Travel costs (including visa fees) of up to £2,000 
  • Research, support and training costs of up to £5,000 

Please note that the monthly stipend of £2,000 is subject to deductions such as tax and National Insurance contributions.

For further information on eligibility and on the application process, please read the Guidelines for Applicants. The Application Form (Word version to be downloaded and filled) and supporting documents must be submitted to rin.international@uea.ac.uk.

Along with the additional supporting documents which are outlined in the Fellowship Guidelines, all applications must include:

  • The approval of the Head of School or Department 
  • A completed ethics checklist (found at the end of the application form)
  • A breakdown of costs for the proposed activities 

UEA GCRF Faculty Funds

Under the GCRF QR strategy, we are pleased to introduce a pilot scheme of Faculty Funds, which provides £15,000 to each of the four faculties for the purpose of supporting small, ODA-compliant research activities.

Researchers are invited to submit a proposal, requesting a maximum of £4,000 for ODA-compliant projects. These funds will be distributed on a first-come, first-served basis..

Please read the Guidelines for Applicants, and find the application form here. Upon completion of the form, please send to your faculty representative (listed below), copying in rin.international@uea.ac.uk. Please note that any successful applications may require a full ethics application to be completed and ethical clearance given.

If you have any queries relating to this fund, please contact your faculty representative, as below:


FMH: Max Bachmann (M.Bachmann@uea.ac.uk) or Laura Bowater (Laura.Bowater@uea.ac.uk)

HUM: Dana Arnold (D.Arnold@uea.ac.uk)

SCI: Jenni Barclay (J.Barclay@uea.ac.uk)

SSF: Maren Duvendack (M.Duvendack@uea.ac.uk) or Teodora Gliga (T.Gliga@uea.ac.uk)


GCRF Seminar Series


On 27th June 2019 the first GCRF Seminar took place at the UEA. A mixture of six International Fellows and UEA academics presented their research work on topics ranging from carbon emissions and international trade, to Mexico's Megalopolis, and novem compounds with activity against eukaryotic pathogens. The talks displayed a variety of methodologies and approaches to Official Development Assistance research, and showed the high quality of the GCRF projects undertaken by these talented individuals.

While this was the first GCRF seminar we hope that it will not be the last! Anyone who was not able to attend this time but is interested in future events should keep an eye on the Lasdun and International Funding Bulletins.