About Knowledge Transfer Partnerships About Knowledge Transfer Partnerships

What are Knowledge Transfer Partnerships?

The Knowledge Transfer Partnerships (KTPs) scheme could help you to engage with businesses through a bespoke project involving a company, a recent graduate and yourself or a colleague. Supported by the UK government the scheme provides a grant to support the project and a structure within which it is undertaken.

Becoming part of a knowledge transfer partnership could help you to generate impact from your research and to build strong relationships with external organisations. KTPs can inform new routes for research and provide opportunities for skilled graduates to develop their careers as KTP associates. A subsidy is provided from Innovate UK to cover the costs of employing an associate and contribute to your costs with the remainder of the funding being contributed by the company.

How does it work?

There are three components to a KTP project:

The Company ('Knowledge base')

This can be a private enterprise, public body or third-sector organisation. The Company develops the project together with the “Knowledge Base” and supervises the day-to-day activities of the “Associate” who will normally work at the Company during the project.

The University

You will work on a project about 10% of your time and the University will employ the Associate.

The Associate

This is a high-calibre recent graduate, from bachelors to doctoral level. The Associate delivers the project under the joint supervision of the Company and the University.

Apply for a KTP

If you would like to suggest a project or just find out more about KTPs please contact your RIN Project Officer who will guide you through the process.

The following documents explain more about the process and funding available.

KTPs at UEA - A Guide for Academic Staff

KTPs at UEA - A Guide for Heads of Schools

KTPs at UEA - A Guide for Support Staff