RIN Project Officers supporting your School RIN Project Officers supporting your School

Please contact your Project Officer in the first instance for advice and support for your research and innovation activities.

School Project Officer
Art, Media & American Studies (AMA) Polly Harrison
Biological Sciences (BIO) Emma King
Chemistry (CHE) Chris Killen
Computing (CMP) Chris Killen
Economics (ECO) Graham Horne
Education & Lifelong Learning (EDU) Graham Horne
Environmental Sciences (ENV) Sam Hills
Jason Rust
Health Sciences (HSC) Graham Horne
History (HIS)

Graham Horne

International Development (DEV) Hannah Ings
Law (LAW) Polly Harrison
Literature, Drama & Creative Writing (LDC) Polly Harrison
Mathematics & Engineering (MTH & ENG) Jason Rust
Norwich Business School (NBS) Svetlin Mitov
Pharmacy (PHA) Sam Hills
Norwich Medical School (MED) Sarah Green
Rachel Lindley
Politics, Philosophy, Language & Communication Studies (PPL) Polly Harrison
Psychology (PSY) Svetlin Mitov
Social Work (SWK) Svetlin Mitov

A full contact list for Research & Innovation Services is available here.

A diagram of the structure of Research & Innovation Services is available here.

For any general enquiries please email: rin.reception@uea.ac.uk

or phone: +44 (0)1603 591574

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